October 20, 2018 Election

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Hawkman Advises West Kelowna Voters Where and When to Vote

October 20, 2018

You may need a Facebook Account in order to access this video. If you don’t have an account, this vignette is as good as you’re likely to find for getting one. Facebook link – Hawkman Gives Advice for Voting Day

Friend Duane Ophus Says Good-Bye to West Kelowna Council

Councillor Duane Ophus Says Good-Bye to City of West Kelowna Council

Capital News Interview with Gordon Wiebe – Link

  C Click on the link below to view candidate’s interview with the Kelowna Capital News. Kelowna Capital News Interview https://www.kelownacapnews.com/municipal-election/west-kelowna-votes-2018gordon-wiebe-is-running-for-council/?jwsource=cl  

Video Appeal to West Kelowna Voters

On Saturday, October 20, polling stations are open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm at the following locations: Mar Jok Elementary School Constable Neil Bruce Elementary School Lion’s Hall Westbank Glenrosa Middle School (not the Elementary School like it says in the Video)

Oh Brother

Happy to have my older brother helping to put out signs on a gorgeous sunny day in the Okanagan. 6 days until judgment day. #westkelownavotes #westkelownaelection  

Wiebe for Council – TroyTastic Tuesday

#TroytasticTuesday Challenge for All West Kelowna Candidates. I challenge all of the candidates from West Kelowna to stop by BLENZ – Westbank today, buy a coffee and meet or beat my donation of $10 to the Kelowna Hospice Society in Memory of Captain Troy Russell. Jayson Zilkie Carol Zanon Stephen Johnston Joe Gluska Jason Friesen… Read More ›

Westside Soccer Hosting Jamboree

Back on the campaign trail… Happy to attend the Central Okanagan Youth Soccer Association Jamboree at the CNB field this weekend with friends and supporters, Glenn Einfeld and Sylvia Einfeld. Our local WYSA board is doing a great job of hosting. #westsidesoccer #WYSA

Tribute to CoWK Councillor Duane Ophus

In the fall of 2009, a group of Anglers proposed a pier be built in the middle of Shannon Lake. The Neighbourhood Association opposed it. As editor of the neighbourhood newsletter, I called Councillor Duane Ophus for comment. Duane was also a C.O.R.D. board member. I figured he would be “in the know.” He was…. Read More ›

Next Council May Get Burned by Escalating Fire Costs

A recent fire in Lakeview highlighted the need for more staffing on fire crews. Dramatic rescue shines light on West Kelowna Fire Rescue staffing issues

“Boil” Water Advisory for Lakeview Irrigation

Boil Water Notice for Lakeview System Initially Posted On Thursday, September 13, 2018   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 13, 2018 Working in conjunction with the Interior Health Authority, the City of West Kelowna has issued a Boil Water Notice for the Lakeview System ( see map ) due to elevated turbidity in the water drawn from… Read More ›